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I don't know what to call this by xXxLunaAstralxXx
I don't know what to call this
I'm running out of title ideas XD but that's not important! The important thing here is Luna with a braid that looks like the generic anime mom hairstyle XD I don't know what's in the basket... laundry? Doesn't matter! I'm rambling, have some housewife Luna

Luna is my Kuroshitsuji oc
kuroshitsuji belongs to Yana Toboso
Nyo!Greece by xXxLunaAstralxXx
I made my tumblr into a nyo!Greece ask account, so I drew this XD I call her Nikki (cuz it's my name and its Greek) but you can call her whatever XD
Israel early days by xXxLunaAstralxXx
Israel early days
I love the little hetalia nations, like when they first become countries, so I drew Israel as a little tyke XD the one on the left is just starting out, brand new territory, and the one on the right is under Egyptian rule, when the Hebrews were enslaved by the Egyptians. I can't watch the Prince of Egypt without crying while watching how the Hebrews were treated ;n; 
Israel by xXxLunaAstralxXx
I really need to stop making Hetalia OCs XD this is getting ridiculous XD but this design wouldn't leave me alone, so have Israel! I like to call her Yocheved but I haven't thought of a last name yet. Her outfit is inspired by the Israeli Army women's uniforms 
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I have been tagged by the lovely TheToxicThorn

Now, the rules! 

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person has to share ten facts about themselves.
3) Answer the ten questions asked by the person who tagged you and make ten questions for your ten tags.
4) Choose ten people and put their icons in your journal.
5) Go to there page and tell them they've been tagged.
6) NOT something like "You're tagged if you read this"
7) You have to legitimately tag ten people.
8) No tag backs. (Don't tag people who tagged you)
9) You can't say you don't do tags.
10) You MUST make a journal entry.

Questions asked:  

1. Do you watch Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji? 
Yes! Yes I do!

2. What's your favorite season? (Autumn, summer, etc.) 
I like all the seasons, but summer and autumn are my top choices

3. Do you like to read? 
Yes! I haven't really read a book that wasn't for school in a while now though. I like reading, but not when I'm forced to read something I have no interest in.

4. What do you like most about yourself? 
hmmmm... this one's kinda hard since I'm kinda self conscious and don't like a whole lot about myself, but if i had to pick something, I'd say my eyes ^-^ they change color!

5. What is one thing that you hate? 
 Closed-minded people. 

6. Do you have any pets? 
Yep! A cat named Kira, who is a little shit but I love her dearly, and a lizard that I got from my hippie of a teacher when he moved to California. Her name is Puff the Magic Dragon. 

7. Favorite music genre? 
I like a lot of music genres as long as it's not rap or hip hop. Nothing against them, but they're just not my thing ^^; 

8. Have you ever had a moment where you laughed so hard that you cried? 
All the time! I love those moments!

9. Who is your favorite youtuber? 
either Pewdiepie or Markiplier

10. Have you ever pulled a prank on one of your teachers?
Yeah XD one time in junior year, I took a theatre production class and the teacher had to step out for a second, so we all just kinda laid on the floor in random positions (like, one kid had half his body inside a box), and when he came back, he just kinda looked around, shrugged and sat at his desk and didn't give two shits XD

My questions:

    1. What’s your favorite sweet?

    2. Do you like to cook?

    3. Do you cosplay?

    4. Weirdest thing someone has ever told you just out of the blue?

    5. Do you have an accent?

    6. What’s your favorite flower/plant?

    7. What’s your dream destination to travel to?

    8. You wake up to find yourself in the universe of your favorite anime. What is it and how screwed are you?

    9. What is your spirit animal?

    10. What’s your Zodiac sign? 

I tag: 









and anyone else who wants to do this!! (cuz none of my friends go online XD)

Have fun~! 


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Hey friends, I'm Nikki! I'm just your average otaku. I'm going to college for mortuary services next year. I like anime, manga, nature, animals... A lot of stuff really! Feel free to chat anytime ^-^

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